At ACARYON, customers do find the scientific innovation and expertise necessary for any purposes along the path of product development.

Customers can rely on our experience in target identification, pre-clinical and clinical development, establishment and optimization of fermentation and production process as well as regulatory aspects.      .

Customized Strains / Development and Support 

We develop and support the development of innovative strains allowing strong product differentiation and positioning. Learn More 

Pre- and Probiotic Properties / Analysis and Optimization

We analyse and optimize the probiotic and functional properties of yours strains or strain collections.        Learn More 

Customized Analytical Methods / Development and Support

We develop customized assays for many purposes including molecular biology, cell culture assay, immunological analysis and more.  Learn more

Microbial Carbohydrates / Development ad Support

 We provide customized support to isolate strains expressing specific carbohydrate antigens, to optimize the expression of carborhydrates and more. Learn more

Fermentation and Production Process  / Development and Optimization

 We develop and optimize fermentation and production process in term of yield, production costs and/or regulatory aspects. Learn more

Microbiome Collection

Over the years we developed our own culture collection as well as a microbiome collection containing human microbiome samples for different originsLearn more