Our society is facing big challenges like the spread of infections, the broadening of chronic diseases, the pressure on the environment and the shortening of global resources.

We founded ACARYON with the vision of unlocking the potential of natural microorganisms to develop new, efficient, affordable and personalized solutions.

Our front running projects do focus on infection diseases. Why? Societal factors like demographic expansion, global mobility and climate change are promoting the spread of infections and the emergence of new and/or hypervirulent pathogens. Furthermore, the spread of antibiotic resistances will continue, putting our civilization at danger.

With the help of our proprietary technologies we are working hard to develop probiotic and microbiome applications that will help people to improve well-being, to stay healthy and to treat and prevent diseases.

At ACARYON we also believe in the strength of cooperation. Thus, besides developing our own products, we put our expertise and technologies in the service of partners and customers to support them along the development of their projects. Partners and customers can rely on unique technologies and two decades of experience that encompasses all aspects of microbial glycosylation and the development of microbial products, including target identification, pre-clinical, clinical and regulatory aspects.

Philippe Ulsemer